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It doesn’t happen very often in this modern life, but occasionally something takes place that just makes words redundant.  Day Eight of London 2012, in particular the evening session in the Stadium, was one such circumstance.   It was billed as Super Saturday and, for once, that billing was an understatement.  In all seven medals, six of them Gold, were won by Team GB – three of those Golds coming late in the day, in less than an hour of the most sensational session of athletics this country has ever experienced.

Special Delivery from the Poster Girl

It was one of those “do you remember where you were…” moments.  In the years to come, countless millions will, no doubt, claim they were there on the night and, with the miracles of HDTV and surround sound, in a way we all were.  Continue Reading

Well, here we go – a fortnight of wall-to-wall Olympic wikifacts and every possible BBC “journalist” hunting for clangers, and by the looks of this not having to look too far:

Jeremy Drops a Clanger

All I have heard today is that none of ‘em can find out who is going to light the flame tonight – good, there needs to be at least one thing that can be kept away from their intrusive snouts.   My money’s on Her Majesty, by the way, or would have been if her odds hadn’t been slashed by William Hill this morning.   After all, she’s the only one who could possibly get past 18,000 troops and into the stadium with a lighter in her handbag.

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