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Have you noticed how the Question Time audience make more sense than the panel recently?   I’m sorry to say that’s because our politicians and media have completely lost touch with the mood of the country.

One of the most noticeable differences has been the greater number of calls for a “ Peoples Vote ” from the panel than from the public.  That’s because there is less appetite for one out here than within the Westminster Bubble, inflated as it is by the hot air generated by the media circus surrounding it.

However, we can all have our “ Peoples Vote ” right now, without having to go through the endless trauma associated with a political campaign.  Because our MP is our representative in Parliament, and their duty is to us, their constituents, first and foremost.  But how many of us actually know their MP’s intentions for the crucial vote on 11th December, less than two weeks away?  I suspect, unless you live in the North East Somerset constituency, very few.

Regardless of how you voted in 2016, or how you now feel, there is a very simple way to have your say again – simply email your MP and tell them how you want them to vote.  If enough voters do this, then they will be compelled to go with the majority – to not do so would place them in a constitutional dilemma.    If you don’t know your MP’s email address, you can find it by following this link

If you are not sure how to write to them, or you want to know a bit more before instructing them, here is a simple email you can cut and paste, then make the necessary name changes when you have done so:

Dear <insert MP’s name here>

Can you please answer the following simple questions before 10th December 2018:

1. Do you intend to consult your constituents before deciding on your vote in Parliament on the EU Withdrawal Agreement scheduled for 11th December 2018?

2. If the answer to question 1 is yes, how do you intend to do so?

3. If the answer to question 1 is no, how will you vote – for or against the Agreement?

4. If you have answered question 3, please explain as simply as possible the factors that have influenced that decision.

Thank You

Yours Sincerely
<your name>
<your address>

Those questions show no bias.  With the answers received, you can then reply instructing your MP accordingly – to either go ahead, or change their voting intention.  Either way, they will be in no doubt what it is that you want them to do.

All of us can do this.  We do not need any special Act of Parliament, it is our simple right as citizens of one of the world’s oldest democracies.   Neither does it matter which way we wish to instruct them.

There is no division here – we can ALL do this!

It would seem this signwriter in Bath hasn’t quite got into the Christmas spirit yet.   And, if you read the local rag, it would appear that many locals share this view of the City’s annual Shed Sale.

However, judging by the first few days, it isn’t a view shared by the rest of the area, as the centre of the City has been completely rammed – particularly in Milsom Street which has been closed to accommodate the expansion in stalls caused by the underground engineering works at the Abbey, which has restricted space in the Abbey Churchyard.

Over 400,000 people came here during the two-week market last year, and that number looks like being beaten this year.  So if you are headed this way in the next couple of weeks, either give yourself plenty of time to find a car parking space, or let the train take the strain!



In June 2016, over 33 million of us went to the polls in a historic Referendum, the highest public turnout recorded for any poll in this country.  We all held passionate views as to why we should Stay or Leave the EU, for whatever reason, and we all placed our vote in the sure and certain knowledge that the result, whatever it may be, would be honoured by Parliament.   It now emerges that, whichever way we voted, we have been stitched-up – not by politicians, nor by the media, but by faceless bureaucrats who were more concerned in preventing their gravy train being derailed.

Let’s not get into how or why the nation has become divided – how the previous Prime Minister ran away from the wreckage he had created, or how Her Majesty’s opposition has taken its title way too literally.  Let’s also recognise the truly democratic way in which the vast majority of those who voted to ‘remain’ have accepted the result, and have been prepared to move forward despite having not wanted to go this way.   Continue Reading

The negotiations on a better EU deal for Britain conducted during the period of the coalition government had, unsurprisingly, reached a complete impasse, when it was decided that the best course of action would be to hold a sporting event to settle the issue.  If the British won then they would put membership to their people, if the Europeans won then Britain would remain a member on the prevailing terms.

Various sports were considered and rejected.  A soccer match between England and Germany was the obvious choice but the British, fearing it may end in a penalty shoot-out, declined.  The next suggestion was a Rugby match between Scotland and Italy, but this time the Europeans felt that would be too one-sided. Continue Reading

Finding something by accident is always more fun, and such was the case yesterday when I stumbled upon Channel 4’s new series of Amazing Spaces Shed of the Year.  It is a programme that just epitomises the eccentricities of the British, and how some go to extremes in pursuit of their dreams – and more power to their elbow for doing so!


The first episode featured two categories of this year’s competition – Summerhouses and ‘Not a Shed’.   The first of these was won by The Mushroom House an amazing creation built by a father for his 12-year-old daughter, and the second by an Underground Bunker accessed through a quite normal garden shed and created by an inventor, who demonstrated one of his inventions – a rock guitar that blasts flames from the headstock!   However my favourite was the guy who had recreated a replica 1950s ABC Cinema in his back garden, complete with authentic foyer, auditorium with 34 seats, and original projector!

Which brings me to the reason for my enforced near-absence from blogging for a couple years – a potential new neighbour who was proposing building a shed at the bottom of my garden.  However, this was no ordinary neighbour, nor a shed that would provide the type of joy generated by the entrants of the above competition.   Our nextdoor neighbour’s shed would have been part of the category that encompasses industrial units, because ‘shed’ is the term developers casually use for a massive distribution centre. Continue Reading