Like all trilogy franchises, the first one was quite successful but the follow-up was hopeless; meaning the third has come-along quite quickly.  So welcome to Lockdown 3 – Attack of the Mutants!

Adversity always brings out the best in people, and regular readers will know that during the first two lockdowns, I shared some of their humour with you to brighten the long days in isolation.  However, my other passion is music, so this time I have decided to try some of that to lift spirits through what could be a long winter.  So, taking the cue from my favourite DJs Radcliffe & Maconie, I started a Lockdown Chain on my Facebook page – every day a track with a tenuous link to the previous day until we are finally free again to go to real live gigs.   You can also follow this over on my Music Blog


 Adversity always brings out the best in people, and I am lucky in having a lot of friends with a good sense of humour.  After we went into the first lockdown in March, I shared some of that humour with you – some light, some a bit dark, and some just plain daft.  But it all brightened the long days in isolation.

So, now that we are back to the future, so to speak, it is time for episode two.  It will run until this latest aberration is supposed to end in four weeks’ time, or whenever it finally extends to.  Regardless, let’s hope it’s the last episode!
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So, when the time comes to sidle off this mortal coil, the very least any living being might hope for is a small plaque physically-fixed somewhere on their home planet to mark that they actually existed for a relatively-fleeting moment of its history – and that they meant something to the someone who took the time to mark their memory for posterity.

But what if, sometime in the future, someone else completely unconnected with either party, decides that the very name that being was known by, the essence of their identity, has become offensive to future sensibilities?  Will that being’s plaque simply be removed from existence, thus cancelling them forever?  Well, that is what has just happened to the dog who was the wartime mascot of the RAF’s famous 617 Squadron – The Dambusters. Continue Reading