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Day thirteen brought a number of unprecedented victories, including three magnificent Gold Medal performances by female members of Team GB – Nicola Adams won the first ever women’s boxing final in the Olympics, Charlotte Dujardin won her second, and Britain’s first-ever individual, Gold medal in Equestrian Dressage with team-mate Laura Bechtolsheimer taking Bronze, and 19-year-old  Jade Jones earned Britain’s first-ever Tae Kwondo Gold Medallist late last night in the Excel centre.

Usain Bolt silences the critics as Jamaica make a clean sweep of the 200 metre sprint medals

But the highlights of the day came in the Athletics, where Usain Bolt once more lit-up the Olympic Stadium by retaining his 200-metre title, the first time that any runner has retained both sprinting titles.  Continue Reading

Despite early fears about the numbers of security guards at London 2012, there was confirmation yesterday that the organisers have managed to fully-meet their quota of Jobsworths for this year’s Games.

A London 2012 Jobsworth joins in the celebrations with Usain Bolt after his victory in the 100-Metres

In an interview with the media, 100-metre Gold Medal winner Usain Bolt explained how he encountered these shadowy figures within the staff at the Olympic Stadium: “It has been different from Beijing.  There are lots of rules, weird, silly rules that don’t make any sense to me.  I tried to wear my tie into here, they said ‘no’. I said why? ‘Because of the rules’, they said.  Then I wanted to bring my skipping rope in and they said ‘no’ because it’s ‘the rules’. These rules just don’t make sense to me.”

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