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More and more home appliances are now being developed with some degree of intelligence, allowing us to communicate with them via our Smartphones.    We can tell our Sky Box to record the footie, check what the kids are doing while we’re out for the night, even boost the temperature on the central heating when there’s a cold snap, so that we arrive home to a nice toasty environment.

On line conversation with your Fridge

Now LG have introduced a new Homechat function that allows you to talk to your Fridge, via text, to find out what you have in there.  There’s even an in-built camera that can take pictures of the shelves and automatically order new provisions for you when you run out.    All a bit gimmicky, maybe, but what will happen when these components are developed to the point where there is enough ability for a proper dialogue?  Just how difficult could that conversation become….. Continue Reading