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Dear Marcus

I understand that Your Bank is on the lookout for a new CEO, so I thought I would just drop you a line to let you know that I am available and willing to take on the challenges that post would provide for me.  I know that we have not met, but I thought we should start off on first name terms as it will show you that I have thoroughly researched the ethos of Your Bank, including taking note of the manner in which Your Bank executives conduct meetings with senior politicians, which was very impressive I have to say.

Barclays Chairman, Marcus Agius, gives evidence to The Parliamentary Committee following the less-than-convincing performance of his outgoing CEO, Bob Diamond

Let me start by making a simple statement that will, I believe, provide most of the evidence you will need to realise why I am the best man to succeed my predecessor in that job:  I love Your Bank.  I love Your Bank because of the people.   History will judge Your Bank as an incredible institution because of its people, and the best way for me to help with that is to be in a position to step-down whenever required.  But I can’t do that unless I am one of those people.

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