Short ‘n Sweet

When few words are needed

My new attention-seeking Envy printer from HP may not be quite as bad at using-up ink to preen itself before every print-run as the previous one was, but it does have an annoying habit of dropping its WiFi connection a couple of times a day so that I have to turn it off and on to reconnect it before it will print anything.  It must have had an update overnight, because the first reconnect today brought-up this new and informative notice:

The brief provided to corporate image consultants in the lead-up to a recent multi-billion pound merger described how the new group wished to adopt a name and logo that should reflect the demographic of their target market.

Several proposals were submitted for consideration including this one, which was quickly rejected:

New Logo



Here’s an interesting video from an episode of Tomorrow’s World broadcast twenty years ago, telling us all about the future using the new-fangled Information Superhighway:


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